First Realty Management Team

At First Realty Management, we take pride in having one of the best teams in the property management industry. With over 65 years of experience and a high-performance skill set to match, our team knows what it takes to produce superior results for each of our properties. Many of our talented individuals even live in the properties we manage to get firsthand experience and the knowledge our Board needs to continue to improve our communities everyday. Through working with property owners, residents, housing agencies, developers, and nonprofit boards, our team has the skills needed to align everyone involved and create quality communities together.

First Realty Management


151 Tremont St Ph 1 Boston, MA 02111

Let Us Be Your Property Management Solution

We strongly believe that residents and owners should never have to worry about maintenance issues. If a request is submitted, you can trust that any complication will be handled quickly and efficiently by our incredible 24-hour Emergency Response Team. We help your property run smoothly, allowing you to spend your free time doing what matters most to you. We are proud of our swift and intelligent response team who keep our residents and property owners happy, which in return provides the Board with a maximum return on their investment.