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Our goal at First Realty Management is to give residents the care and attention they need for their apartment community to feel like home. First Realty Management is always looking to enhance and grow our portfolio by partnering with other owners, developers, and financial institutions to add to our array of apartment communities and further our knowledge in the multifamily industry.

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We are dedicated to providing high-quality, vibrant condominium communities. With experience overseeing historical redevelopments, contemporary high-rises, suburban communities, and townhouses, we are the property management partner you have been seeking. Over 40 years, we’ve honed the skills needed to provide a steady transition. Our team can evaluate and train current staff, hire new staff, and help find potential board members in the community. Working together, we can increase property value and improve quality of life for you and your residents at the same time.

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Commercial Properties

First Realty Management has decades of experience in owning and managing commercial spaces. Each time we take on a new property, we combine that industry expertise with your intimate understanding of the space to build a successful operation. We also improve procedures to help you reach your goals – whether you’re looking to improve your return on investment, retain tenants, or increase value.

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